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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The past few days have been dedicated to introspection. I do not like what I am becoming. Therefore, I need to stop and change directions. And when everything is stripped away-- all the obvious reasons why I should feel a bit of misery and aggravation about things that have happened to me in the past few years-- I am left with this thought: Those things do not matter.

There are other things that do matter, though. And those are the things I need every day.

I need to:
1. Encounter smiles from other people.
2. Hold someone's hand, however briefly.
3. Be touched by someone who loved me and whom I love in return.
4. Sit on the grass. Or lie on it. Or roll down a grassy hill.
5. Look at the sky. Count the clouds. See how many shades of blue I can find.
6. Listen to the birds. Be grateful they're the first sounds I hear when I wake in the morning.
7. Breathe.
8. Enjoy the flowers. Smell them. Be happy I have yellow tulips and lilacs in my yard.
9. Talk to someone who gets me.
10. Be silly.
11. Organize my space.
12. Be hugged. More than once. For longer than 10 seconds.
13. Sing.
14. Dance.
15. Turn in circles so fast I get dizzy.
16. Refuse to worry about money or my father-in-law or what will happen tomorrow for at least one hour.
17. Laugh.
18. Love people.
19. Discover something new.
20. Be loved.

Okay. I'm going outside to find some grass.

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