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Monday, April 29, 2013

When the water backs up...

We've had plumbing issues for a week. After dumping gallons of environmentally unsafe chemicals down the offending orifices, we finally called a plumber. He's coming today in about fifteen minutes. My regret: It's not George, so I can't ask him if he'd like to pay me to be his answering service for all the wrong number calls we get.

Ah, well...chances are our pipes will back up again someday and maybe when that happens, George's Plumbing will be the business of choice for our landlord--which means opportunity will be knocking for me. Yay!


  1. Good luck! Plumbing troubles are the worst.

  2. Thanks, Brozy--things are so much better now. Also, you need to come try out my new plumbing and see my new carpet. Yes!