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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thanks to those of you who stopped by and left comments wishing me well. It's time to close comments on this blog until such time as I'm up to writing once again. I don't know if/when that will happen. Before I do so, however, I have to mention my wonderful friend, Jason Lockhart. About six months ago, when I began to lose emotional stamina, he agreed to take charge of my blog as far as comments and publications are concerned. He has faithfully read and posted for me since that time. As I've seen nothing but wonderful, supportive words from those who have visited during that time, I'm assuming there were no visits or comments from those cyber-bullies who have left their pointless words here in the past (although, Jason has let me know about a number of spam comments linking to porn sites--dutifully deleted), but I appreciate Jason's willingness to screen everything for me. Should I begin blogging again at some point, I may ask him to continue in that role if he has the time. It's wonderful to have good friends one can trust and lean on occasionally. You're awesome, Jason, and I thank you.

My plan was to close comments after one month of announcing my intent to cease blogging for awhile. That day will come in about a week. Should anyone still be reading and have anything more to say--speak now know the rest.


  1. miss you! I have enjoyed our cyber friendship. Take care of yourself lots of people care about you! (hug) -A.J.

  2. It has been a pleasure to read your blog(s) over the course of the last four years--truly. Anyone who has read your entries from the very beginning has gotten to know a complex, wonderful individual with many gifts and strengths, who has faced some pretty wicked demons, and has done so with dignity, patience, perseverance, a love for beauty, and genuine faith that things will improve. As your friend, I commend you on your accomplishments and wish you the best of luck in upcoming weeks (where, surely, we'll continue to talk in through other media). As a mental health professional , I vouch for the legitimate nature of your journey, and for the steps you have taken with dignity and courage as you've faced challenges that were not only clinically possible, but probable given the nature of your history. And as a reader, I bid this chapter of the Samantha saga adieu, and do so with a little bit of sadness that I won't get to see glimpses into the brutally honest world of Samantha day by day. Here's to hoping that when things settle down you can resume! But if not, it sure has been a special thing to have such unfettered access to this playground of your psyche.