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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Confession: I don't know right from left.

Last night a friend chatted with me. This is how it went:

Friend: So...depressed much?
me: A little, yes.
Friend: I would never have guessed based on your blog posts...Haha.
me: You don't have to read them.
Friend: Yeah, I do. They show up in my reader.
me: Probably I've been excessive talking about it.
Friend: A little, yes.

My friend has a point even if I believe it's invalid. I need a place to write down the mess inside me. I've never said this would be a funny blog--or even an interesting one.

However, given that the last billion posts I've written have noted how depressed I am, my friend is right. It's a bit excessive.

And when you're right, you're right.

Or maybe left. As noted in the title, I really don't know the difference.

So I will stop posting about my depression--but I have to say, anyone who has experienced severe depression knows that's about the only thing one can think about when it happens. Sometimes thoughts stray to related wishing for death...or feeling helpless...or believing one is unfit for human company...or being sad...

Regardless, Friend is right, and I just proved it by almost making this blog post about depression. I will now change that.

Here is a funny cat:


  1. Hm. I don't mind that you write about depression a lot.

  2. Second that. If ever post you ever write from here on out is about depression, that is fine. Well, not fine, because I will be very worried about you. But, you know. It's your blog and I read it because I want to know what's going on with you.

  3. If you are depressed, I want you to write about depression. What good is a blog if it can't be honest? I actually find your authenticity very fascinating, no matter the topic. So if you are depressed, and sharing about it authentically, I guarantee there is at least one person who finds it very interesting.