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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Theory Class is NOT Boring

Today's theory class (remember, consisting of all Middle School aged BOYS) finished 20 minutes early. They listen--and do the work--it sort of freaks me out. So rather than move on to the next topic, I suggested swing dancing (I was kidding, yes). The next thing I knew, "Rockin' Robin" was blaring from the desktop computer in the band room, all the chairs and stands were neatly stacked against the wall, and I was dancing with a lanky ninth grader.

The others decided, since I was the only girl in the room, to put aside all homophobia and they partnered up--and I have to say, they know some pretty sweet moves (I have to say it because they told me so). Except for the one guy no one would dance with. Not even me. Because his sweet swing dance moves included back flips and round offs. He's just dangerous.

And middle school boys are actually able to giggle about things that have no sexual connotation. They couldn't stop giggling. I think they might really be girls. 

Seriously, this might be more fun than I've had in a long time.

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