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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grounded--sort of

I don't know how many years I've been running, but I've never had a running related injury. It's something I worry about as I get older, because I'd like to continue my running regime until the day I die. But last weekend I woke up at about one in the morning, in incredible pain which radiated down my left hip, into my thigh and knee and ending in the muscles at the top of my calf. I had felt some back pain earlier, in the muscles on the lower left side, but it seemed to be gone--replaced by something much worse.

Yay for the timing of learning to feel pain!

Tabitha and I went to church that morning and then drove six hours home, at which point I felt fine. Then I woke up at 1:00 A.M. again. From that point forward, I was living on OTC pain killers (which weren't putting a dent in the pain) and trying to figure out how to work my computer jobs while standing up. Standing, walking, even running, seemed to make the pain subside, but as soon as I sat or lay down, it was back. Also, hot baths helped (I hate baths--so boring). Tolkien Boy kept advising me that a doctor visit was in order. I ignored him (I hate doctors).

Finally, after doing a bunch of research online (a bad idea), I decided that I had no idea what was wrong or how to treat it, the pain was increasing, and anything I was doing could be causing damage. So I called the doctor.

I have never in my life said this: I AM SO GLAD I WENT TO THE DOCTOR!!!!...I said it Friday.

And naturally, I've fallen head over heels in love with Doctor because he told me exactly what I wanted to hear.

I saw a new physician, one in the same office where Darrin goes (when I make him and he's not being incredibly stubborn), because Darrin said he thought the doctors there were pretty wonderful and I'm not thrilled with my current one.

Doctor said I do not have a running injury (YAY!!), but rather a pinched nerve. I don't have to rest for weeks, waiting for healing, but can walk as much as I want--the more the better (but he knows me through my husband and thought he might mention that I ought not to overdo it--something, he says, he's never told a patient with this malady before--thanks a lot, Darrin!). I'm not supposed to run for five days, and then only if the pain is gone. But today is day three and the pain is much less, so I'm hopeful day five will bring no pain. He also prescribed prednisone, but said I don't have to take it if there's no swelling, or if I notice marked improvement without it. I opted not to take it. I'm not fond of steroids or their side-effects.

In the meantime, Darrin has allowed me to use him as a leg-propping station at night which means we have to snuggle a lot. I thought he might get tired of it and need some alone space in bed, but he hasn't. He's often moving closer so I can elevate the leg and we can cuddle more. I'm seeing no downside here.

So, if you'd like to join me on my walk today, you are warmly invited. I'm not supposed to walk on hills, and I'm to wear flat shoes with as little side and ankle support as possible (yup, Doctor recommended my flip flops as appropriate footwear, and I can walk as long and as far as I wish to, so that means if you come along, we'll have scintillating conversations and laugh a lot, because that's what I do.

Oh my goodness! I'm so happy this isn't a horrible injury and I'll be running before the week is out! I couldn't ask for a better birthday present. Yay!

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