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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I ran today!

And it was a gorgeous morning, and the air smelled beautiful, and running felt wonderful, and I only ran three miles because I'm trying not to overdo it, and there were two friendly dogs which didn't bite me, and I saw a bluebird.

I can't stop smiling.  :-)


  1. running has been a chore lately- which is completely breaking my heart. I've turned to it to be my one consistent spot of *good* and now it's letting me down. I keep telling myself that it is temporary and I will start loving and longing for it again, but in the mean time, marathon training is a real bear when I don't love pounding the pavement. I am trying to channel your bliss.

  2. that is completely awesome. such news leaves me smiling too.

  3. awesome! only 3 miles good grief that would kill me. I know running makes you happy. I hope you have more beautiful weather to run in. -hugs A.J.

  4. Mandi--I hope things get back into rhythm soon. Sending bliss your way.

    Marlo and AJ--Thanks!