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Friday, September 17, 2010

It's after midnight and I very much need to sleep--but I also need to write some things:

1. Today I went running with a dog of medium size and no particular breed. It trotted toward me, stopped about a foot away, then ran with me until I got home, at which point the dog watched me go through the locked gate to my yard. I put some water into a bowl and took it outside for the dog, but it had all ready gone away.

2. I change my shoes several times daily, but I probably only actually wear shoes cumulatively for about an hour, total. This is the assessment my son gave me today. And while I told him he was wildly exaggerating, he's actually correct. I like to be barefoot.

3. I have forgotten to water my front lawn for about a month. This is sort of good because that means it doesn't need to be cut. Of course, it's not green either and makes our front yard look abandoned and ugly, so I might water it tomorrow if I remember.

4. Darrin is going to make me crazy. He keeps "fixing" things. When I bought my car about four years ago, it was two years old. I knew when I purchased it that the light in the glove compartment doesn't shut off and you can see a rim of light around the edge of the opening at night. Darrin bought some foam stripping to block the light (which bothers no one but him), and left all his trash from failed fixing attempts in the cup holders. And the "fix" is ugly--there's white foam sticking to the bottom of the dash which I will probably peel off tomorrow. He also eats in my car. In short, what used to be my pristine haven for driving has become a trash collector for my husband and my children are following his example. I do not like this.

5. Adam ate almost an entire giant bag of coconut M&Ms tonight. There are 12 servings per bag. Tabitha and I each took a handful or two. Adam ate the rest. I warned him that he would be sick. I mentioned saving some for Darrin who wasn't yet home. Adam ignored me. Now he feels awful. I told him not to even think of using my bathroom to throw up--to stay in his own room, and not disturb me. So far he's still asleep. I'm hoping the chocolate doesn't end up outside his body tonight.

6. Tabitha made dinner tonight. I love her.

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