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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Some amazing person who has actually read both my "Samantha" blogs for the past five years sent me this today. My phone number is nearly identical to that of a local plumbing company, so I often get wrong number calls asking me to help with some plumbing problem. I'm thinking of changing my occupation, as I already seem to have clientele.

This clip, however, got me started watching other clips from the Electric Company series. I think the writers were on drugs, but I also think I want to keep watching the show. I sort of wish it was still being made.

Here's one more for your viewing delight. I think I'm in love with Electric Company:


  1. I actually have several--blogging is one of my vices. But the one I'm talking about is a precursor to this one and almost equally as long. I am...verbose, to say the least.