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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tomorrow will be Friday

It's been a tough week. As my work week is six days long, we're now on the downside and I have only two more days before I can rest. What made it difficult:

Monday:  For whatever reason, my dad decided I needed to spend the day working in his office. I had scheduled two hours. I saw a bunch of clients, finished tax returns, did some bookkeeping and listened as my father discussed the value of buying toilet paper in bulk. Then my mother decided to let me know just how difficult it is to tie shoes while one arm/hand is in a cast--which made no sense whatever because my mother rarely wears shoes with laces. She also found a number of Christmas gifts she had hidden away three years ago and offered me mine, which I opened and thanked her for. It was a pair of pajamas...size 1X. She mentioned they might be a little large because she was unsure of my size and wanted to be sure not to get them too small. For any reader who is unaware of the sizing of women's clothing, they start at size 0 and go in even increments to size 22 or 24, I believe, at which point they start "big" sizes at 1X. I believe those sizes end at 3X, but I don't know for sure. I wear a size 4. Do the math. She bought me pajamas eleven sizes larger than I wear. Eleven. I'm still blinking in disbelief. I'm thinking I'll make quilt blocks out of them.

Tuesday: One of my work sites was down for most of the day. I made up for it by working extra hours at another job. One of my rehearsals was a complete waste of time. I'm pretty sure at least one person was sight-reading her part (inexcusable--we've had the music for two weeks). I left half-way through and told them it was unfair to charge them for a complete rehearsal when they hadn't adequately practiced. Tabitha swore her homework was finished, had a friend stay for dinner and a movie, then informed me that she completely forgot an assignment--which she worked on for 90 minutes, then lost because her computer froze and she hadn't activated the autosave in her Word program.

Wednesday: My office is in our garden level basement. I was trying to work, but a cat kept hurling itself at my window. I shooed it away, but it came back and began launching itself once again. I don't know about anyone else but for me, hearing a cat body thump against my window at regular intervals is a little bit stressful. I finally left and went for a walk and it was gone when I came home. Tabitha and Adam got home, relaxed for about fifteen minutes, then began screaming at each other. This never happens. I blame the cat. I decided to go for another walk, instructing them not to draw blood and to be hugging each other when I got home. They weren't, but Tabitha was doing homework and Adam was making dinner when I returned which is a step in the right direction.

Thursday: I went to bed early last night but woke feeling exhausted. The thought of work makes me want to throw up so I'm blogging instead (however, I was up at 5:30, so I've gotten in three hours all ready). In forty-five minutes I'll meet my rehearsal buddies who have let me know they've repented and practiced and are ready to pay me (which is good since they perform next week). Darrin said I look exhausted and made me breakfast. When he wasn't looking I ate cookies instead. I was supposed to work at my dad's office yesterday, but got derailed by the cat and my kids--two long walks ate up my finance work time, so I'll try to get some of that in today. If I can't, I'll do it tomorrow and Saturday. So I sort of feel drained and weepy today. Maybe I'm tired.

The problem, possibly, is that I haven't really spent time with anyone or anything except work for awhile. I know I talked to Tolkien Boy on the phone sometime last week (I think it was last week--possibly the week before), and Brozy has caught me online several times lately (Thank you so much!), but I've had no time for conversation with Darrin or any other responsible adult (I don't consider the toilet paper conversation with my dad or the pajama fiasco with my mother responsible adult conversation). The funny thing is, five years ago I didn't care. I'd just immerse myself in a book or take another walk. Now I sort of feel like something's missing. Does this only happen to me? I wish I understood why things are different now.

On the bright side, tonight I'm experimenting with sweet potatoes, plantains, hot peppers, coconut milk, and red curry. I might add some chicken (feeling a protein deficit today). Should be fun...want to join me for dinner? It will only cost you 25 minutes of conversation interspersed with insane giggling. And I might ask you to stir something.


  1. It's moments like this when I regret living far away from wherever you are. I'm an *excellent* stirrer. :)

  2. Oh man! If only I had read this last night! I could totally spare 25 minutes for a decent meal. Husband informed me the other night that baked potatoes do not constitute a meal. Looks like I've got some work to do.
    And yes, when I haven't had adequate (the amount that constitutes adequate varies) time with adults, exercise, God, etc. . . I'm completely out of whack.

  3. Zannah--Maybe someday...the invitation remains open indefinitely. :-)

    Mandi--I think there are days when baked potatoes are definitely a meal. We put cheese and gravy on them and sometimes add a side salad if we want to feel healthy. And I'm learning that I actually feel more need for real conversation (and time) when I spend time with people who don't seem to notice me (except as a sounding board) or who treat me disdainfully. Probably I need to learn how to validate myself without needing that from others.

  4. I think you misunderstood the pajamas. Those are clearly family pajamas, meaning that the entire family gets to wear them. At the same time. It's great fun.

  5. Actually, I thought about that--then discarded the thought as the claustrophobia possibilities overwhelmed me.

  6. Entirely my pleasure. : ) Thanks for taking the time to chat when you're so busy.