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Friday, March 18, 2011

Adam = Impossible

Our mini-vacation has been so much fun. We visited a bajillion amazing people and ate good food and slept in a tiny room--all four of us. Today Ambrosia and I went to an Asian market which is always a Bad Idea for someone like me because I'm very curious about foods I've never tasted. I ended up spending money I wasn't supposed to and we had a fun tasting party in the car which was supposed to continue at Ambrosia's house after Tabitha and Adam had their date at the movie and we ditched DJ with his high school friend and I finished with my business dinner...except...

One of the fun foods we bought was a package of candlenuts.

Adam ate one and said, "Those taste like crap!"

So naturally, Tabitha and had to try them. I put one in my mouth, chewed it, and was suddenly grateful for the stash of napkins Darrin keeps in the glove compartment. Tabitha and I dispensed of the chewed nuts and scrubbed the inside of our mouths. They taste like what I imagine the bottom of my shoe mixed with gun powder and ashes tastes like. Then we laughed and thought what a fun trick it would be if we could get used to the taste, eat one nonchalantly and offer some to a friend...well...we were thinking of AtP...don't get mad if you read this, okay? Because I know you'd think it was funny, too, if that was the end of the story, but it's not.

Adam decided he needed to get used the the foul taste and promptly choked down four more of them.

Fifteen minutes into his movie, Adam felt incredibly ill. He ran to the bathroom to be violently ill, several times. Not wanting Tabitha to miss the movie, he waited until it was finished to call me and let me know he was sick. I picked them up and we stopped at a fast food place because Tabitha was hungry and I bought Adam some Gatorade.

Then I Googled "Are candlenuts toxic?"

And they are.

So I called poison control and was told that at this point the toxin would be spreading through Adam's body. We just needed to let him keep puking, watch for mouth sores and diarrhea, and take him to the ER if he got dehydrated.


I love vacations with Adam.

P.S. We nixed the funny joke idea and I called Ambrosia and told her those nuts in her cupboard might be something good to throw away.

P.P.S. Adam wants to keep the nuts and ignite them later. Apparently, they actually do burn...and make good furniture polish...and you can eat them if they're not raw...I think we'll skip that last thing...

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