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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today I danced in my kitchen. And before you laugh at me, take a moment and admit that you've done the same thing--if not in the kitchen, then in some other room. I had a reason for my happy dance.

I've mentioned a few times that I hurt my knee last year during a rather disastrous fall while I was distracted by nearby wildflowers. The road curved and went steeply downward and I did a head-over-heels demonstration, ending up with gravel embedded in my knees and elbows and stomach. I finished my run (two more miles), ignoring the fact that my legs were covered in blood, because I was in the middle of nowhere and I never bring my cell phone with me (just imagine the Darrin lecture I got when I arrived at home). I noticed at the time that my knee wasn't working quite right. 

It's possible that everything would have healed up in a few weeks, but I fell again. And then again. And just for good measure--one more time. Yeah...I have some issues with blood sugar. The first fall was sheer idiocy on my part. The subsequent ones were the result of poor nutrition. Sigh...

So by the end of July it was clear that I'd done some damage. I researched all sorts of medical articles, trying to determine if this was something I could deal with on my own or if I'd really hurt myself badly enough to need a surgeon's help. And I pondered this for a good long time--about six months, during which I dealt with swelling and a great deal of pain. But since I couldn't decide whether or not I needed a doctor, I didn't go to one. 

Finally, last month I began feeling relief from the pain and three weeks ago I felt the knee start functioning as it should; no more pain or stiffness climbing stairs, no wishing I was dead after running, no more swelling. I think it's better!

Hence, the happy dance. And I'm not going to tell you that during my dance I slipped and fell. Nope, not talking about that part at all. Just glad the knee's all better. Yup.


  1. glad the knee is better, I want to mother you and tell you to take better care of yourself but then I can't as I almost never exercise or eat right myself. Maybe carry a couple hard candies with you for when your blood sugar gets low? Anyway glad your knee is better. -A.J.

  2. You've got to be careful! I need you in shape for when we go dancing together.

  3. Yeah--I've been told to do that candy thing. I keep forgetting. Also, Darrin keeps asking me to take my phone with me--something else I keep forgetting. Personally, I just think I should not fall anymore.

  4. DC: Don't worry, I'll bring my cane and I'll wear my best false teeth. It will be fine.