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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today's phone call

Gas Man: Hi. We need to come change out your meter.

me: Yes. You arranged to do that last month.

Gas Man: Oh! So it's been done? The paper work says it still needs to be changed.

me: No. You didn't show up.

Gas Man: Well, sorry about that. So it still needs to be changed out?

me: Yes, you made another appointment to do it on Tuesday this week.

Gas Man: So it WAS changed.

me: No. You didn't show up.

Gas Man: Ooohh...that's twice, sorry. How about we come take care of that today?

me: I don't think so. I'm having a recital in my home tonight.

Gas Man: What time?

me: Why? Did you want to come listen?

Gas Man: Uhh...not really...we just want to get in to turn off your gas so we can change the meter.

me: How long will it take?

Gas Man: Well, that depends. Sometimes it takes longer than others.

me: Well, I'm leaving in thirty minutes to go to a rehearsal. I'll be home around 2:00, and then I'll be moving furniture to make room for my guests. You're sure you don't want to come?

Gas Man: Yeah--maybe we should come a different day?

me: I think that would be best, yes.

Gas Man: How about tomorrow?

me: Fine. I should be home around 1:00 and I'll be there the rest of the afternoon.

Gas Man: Great! I'll put you down for tomorrow.

me: Don't stand me up again.

Gas Man: Huh?

me: I said, "Don't stand me up again."

Gas Man: Oh, hehehe, yeah, sorry about that. Third time's the charm, you know.

me: Well, you should know that if the first time was "the charm", rather than the third, your customer service and consumer satisfaction ratings would go way up. Perhaps you should try it.

Gas Man: Yeah, really, really sorry about that.

me: Me, too. How about, if by some amazingly remote chance you have to cancel tomorrow, you call and let me know so I don't wait for you all afternoon.

Gas Man: I'll do that.

me: Thanks! See you tomorrow.

Gas Man: Unless I decide to come to  your recital tonight.

me: Don't push it. Besides, I might take a page from your book and not show up.

(long pause)

Gas Man: How many times am I gonna need to apologize for that?

me: Well, the third time's the charm--and you've definitely apologized three times, so I suppose I'll have to let it go and accept your offer to take 10% off my gas bill.

Gas Man:'am...we can't really do that...

me (laughing): I think it's justifiable. However, as long as you don't stand me up tomorrow, I won't ask for another discount.

Gas Man: Okay.

me: Bye!

Gas Man: Bye.

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