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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Apparently I have the type of face that appeals to Junior High boys. A couple of years ago this almost brought Adam to blows with his friends and left our relationship strained and uncomfortable. He doesn't care anymore and I'm the only one left uncomfortable when, during a lag at a regional festival (I was accompanying choirs), one young man said to his friend, "Dude! I think I took piano lessons from her!" (someone needs to let Jr. High boys know that their whispers are not inaudible).

The young man and his friend walked up to me and the friend said, " you teach piano lessons?" I said yes, at which point the young man began grinning and the two rushed off laughing--thinking, I guess, that piano teachers are deaf, because the friend said, "Yep! You took lessons from her! Dude! Your piano teacher is hot!" to which the young man answered, "I know!"

Sigh...Jr. High boys are attracted to Jr. High girls...have you seen the kids in Jr. High? In our family we referred to it as the chrysalis stage. To be blunt, they're bodies are squatty or gangly, their faces suffer from acne and often look like they can't decide if they're children or adults, they're odd looking to say the least...

The only conclusion I can draw from these experiences is that my looks resemble the odd mishmash of a Jr. High student.

Still...if you're a guy between the ages of 12 and 14...I'm pretty hot...

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