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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


On my way to class this morning, I found a hummingbird moth. It was wet from our rainy night and unable to fly. I took it with me.

My students thought the moth was beautiful, and immediately dubbed him, "Fred", after deciding that in a class 100% female, we needed a token male. Fred was well-behaved and didn't fly around until after we were finished with class. I caught him, took him outside, and set him in some flowers. He flexed his wings for a few minutes, then flew away, as good as new.

How many times does that happen in a music history class? Never say my teaching methods are not innovative (even though the moth had nothing whatever to do with the subject being taught).


  1. I like moths. My dad used to bring us home the kind with the, ummm, antennae-looking antennae. They were huge, and nicer than most butterflies because they were pretty but also quite sturdy. And pleasantly furry.

  2. we have a cricket name Fred living in our house right now. We named him so the kids wouldnt freakout when he starts chriping.

    i think Fred is a good name for most bugs.