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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dear Marvin

It's been two weeks since your last visit and I miss you because, well, you're funny, and also because each time you visit I get to learn more about you.

I'll share some of what I know (because I love to make lists--see, now you know a little more about me...I love mutual information exchange):
1. You like libraries...especially those with internet access.
2. You prefer a lovely library in Davis County (Farmington, to be a little more specific).
3. The IP address within that library is Naturally, the last three digits change daily, but the cool thing is that I can still use the rest of the address to pinpoint a location.
4. Something you might not have considered is that the same general IP is also used for all Davis County government offices, so in essence, you've just come from one of the most trackable places in your place of residence. How nifty is that?
5. Your library has been watched since the first day you threatened me. I'm sure you noticed. As of today, you've been visually identified, but not arrested because technically you're nothing but a public nuisance. Rudeness is annoying but not illegal. However, given the fact that you named my family and friends in your threats, should anything remotely violent occur in our lives, guess who the first suspect will be?
6. I'm assuming you noticed the surveillance or you would have been back to visit me. It's a shame because the FBI agents and local law enforcement people would have loved the opportunity to make your acquaintance. However, I'm certain that at some point in your life they'll have that opportunity--you'll give it to them.

Okay, I can't tell everything I know about you because some of the people who read my blog (and there are more than just a couple) have begun to feel somewhat aggravated at you and would like to encounter you in person. They're fairly peaceable people, but not knowing the extent of their aggravation, I'd just rather avoid what could turn out to be unpleasant to all involved. Don't worry, Marvin. Stick with me. I've got your back.

I have your location. Do you know mine? Certainly you can find it. I've made no secret of who I am, nor has my husband. When I was eleven I felt vulnerable when threatened by a man who needed to prove his masculinity by raping a child--you are just like him. I no longer feel threatened or intimidated by anyone who is trying to harm me--I only feel vulnerable when confronted by the mystery of friends who love me enough to defend me under any circumstance. Vulnerable to love--that's a beautiful place to be--one I expect you'll never encounter. Sort of tragic, but much of life is.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll miss you, but only because as long as you stay away, I can't keep tracking you. Sad...and it's such a fun hobby of mine...I've done it for a few years now...



  1. You put a grin on my face. (:

  2. Beautiful, Samantha. Both you and this post.

  3. It was a good reminder the caliber of people there are in the world who may or may not be reading our blogs. Sometimes I forget. . .

  4. Wow, Sam. I just caught myself up on this whole Marvin escapade. Crazy stuff. This post was great.