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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Marvin said...

you are full of crap.
you get off jerking people around. you incite people's emotions by sharing everything, then when they become solicitous, you cut them off.

Dear Marvin,

If you had the courage to allow access to your contact information instead of being rude and running away when you comment, I could send this to you privately which would be more appropriate. As it is, you leave me no choice.

Normally I don't address readers who feel the need to express pointless negativity, but you give me the opportunity to reinforce some key points which anyone who visits my blog should probably know:
1. Nothing is ever solved through a personal attack. It won't change the situation you find annoying, nor will it make you feel better. It just makes you look like an ass--especially if the person you attack is currently undergoing emotional stress. By the way, thanks so much for kicking me when I was down. Good thing I got used to learning to live with that as a child.
2. I cannot keep you from visiting my blog without closing it to the public. The whole point of this blog was to allow me to access the public in a safe non-threatening way. For the most part, my commenters have been supportive and courteous. If you cannot find a way to be courteous, as well, I would really appreciate it if you'd not comment at all. There is no excuse for rudeness. Use the brain God gave you and find a better way to express yourself.
3. THIS IS MY BLOG!!! Which means that even if what you have said about me is true, it is my right to do so on my blog and if you don't like it, you are invited to leave--and it's okay if you don't want to come back.

I wish you well as you endeavor to figure out how to use human kindness. Should you master the art, I invite you to let me know.




  1. Sam,you don't know me but I really enjoy your blog. Your courage gives me hope.

  2. I'm often amazed by people's ability to be total pricks, especially online. (And in case there's any doubt, Sam, I'm not referring to you.)

  3. you are so predictable. your post about me was comical- even humorous. you are EXACTLY what i said you were and even more. you are an adoration addict. you get off jerking with people. that is what you are good at. you are right- i have NO compassion for you-you are a g--damn f-cking gay whore. and your mr fob is the prick of all mother f-cking pricks. you keep your blog public because you NEED adulation. you would die without sucking everyone dry without sucking them into your stupid dramas. get over it. you keep talking about your childhood. you are not the only person in the world to have experienced stuff. stop whining. and i hide behind anonymonity? this coming from the true "samantha stevens", her "bewitching" world she has created, and could not even create on her own but had to steal it from stupid show? her husband "darrin" and children "tabitha, adam and dj"- YOU are the one hiding behind anonymity. you don't have the balls to be WHO you are. and you are not going to kick me away from your blog. i will write whatever i want to. suck on that for a while.

  4. Your eloquence is astounding, Marvin. Usually, when intelligent English speakers say something "is x, even y," y says something that x doesn't. Comical and humorous, as it turns out, are synonyms. I'm especially amused by the way you censor the vowels out of your swear words, because calling someone a "g--damn f-cking gay whore" is so much more classy than spelling the mystery words out. And I don't think Sam objects to being called gay, but I don't know what definition of whore includes a woman who has been in a single monogamous relationship for most of her adult life. But again, you don't appear to have a clear grasp of the English language so I wouldn't expect anything you say to make sense.

    What exactly is your purpose in commenting on this blog or reading it in the first place? What do you hope to accomplish?

  5. Oh, and FYI, making an obvious allusion to an old TV show is not called stealing; it's called making a pop culture reference. Those of us who are college-educated (and even many intelligent people who aren't) find it, as your people say, "comical, even humorous."

  6. Wow, this Marvin guy's a real piece of work. You expose your most painful situations as a way to work through them and he comes on here and makes completely unrelated though obviously mean comments.

    Funny, he should talk about your anonymity while discussing some of the most personal and private things you're going through, in a forum your therapist told you to discuss them in, while simultaneously not linking to HIS blog or giving ANY info as to how you can contact HIM.

    My bet: He's a gay gay-hater. His latest comment suggests that a lot of what he doesn't like about you is that you're gay. Which makes me think he may be too. We all hate in others what we don't want to admit about ourselves or what other people give us a hard time for.

    As for the drama bit, that's ludicrous. Yes, there are parts of your blog that are dramatic, but you always play those down. Anybody with any sense in their heads could appreciate that much. If they don't appreciate what you're writing they should bugger off.

    I'll bet he's got a blog that makes a soap opera look un-dramatic. But heaven forbid he share that with you because he's baggin' on you for not giving your real name when you share experiences that nobody in your real life should know about unless you choose to tell them.

    Besides which, who writes about how much they hate someone and all she's writing about but then keeps coming back to read more??

  7. I just figured it out. The comment which is least related to you is the gay whore comment. You may be gay, but that alone does not make you a whore and you're married to a man who's apparently the only person you sleep with. Thus, you're not even behaving gay let alone a gay whore.

    So, that must mean Marvin is a closet gay to his friends and family, but actually has a lot of gay sex with a lot of gay partners. What do I have to go on? Well, first of all there was a super-religious married man who was recently exposed as sleeping with a lot of prostitutes of the same sex. When you look back on his religious videos and such, what do they say? Well, there's one especially apropos part where he looks at the camera and says "Your wife is going to find out that you've been cheating on her. . .with guys!"

    But then, perhaps the part about being all about the adoration is the opposite of Marvin. Maybe he gets his jollies by being made fun of or by people talking shit about him, so he picks on the most vulnerable people he can find in hopes that their friends and readers will talk trash on him.

  8. Wow, Samantha. I'm amazed. How do these people find you? It's like the weirdo's that seem to always ask one of my friends out.


    Sorry you get to deal with someone who's so -bs-l-t-ly self-righteous and, as JB suggests, a closet case.


  9. but what's even better is that a fairly large percentage of your readers HAVE met you in person and so his accusation of you hiding behind your anonymity doesn't hold a lot of water.

    ps, if you're in the mood to try something new... 7-up made pomegranate flavored soda. it's actually not bad