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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I try to avoid this type of post--this time I feel compelled to share (probably because Darrin is gone this week and can't see his children's bad manners).

Tabitha has always put her brothers to shame when it comes to pure volume involved in passing gas. They often marvel at how such loud sounds can issue from such a tiny body. Rather than feeling embarrassment, Tabitha sits and giggles. Last night at the dinner table she chose to regale us with her unique symphony.

DJ: That's sick!

Tabitha: You just wish you could do it, too.

DJ: I don't either!

Tabitha begins giggling.

DJ: At least you could excuse yourself and go to the stairwell...(his voice trails of as he catches my eye and he finishes weakly) to do that. (to me) What!? You didn't really think I'd go all the way up to the bathroom, did you? Besides, no one stays in the stairwell for very long and it echoes better.

At this point, both Tabitha and Adam are laughing hysterically and DJ's on the verge of joining them.

DJ: You should see how big your eyes are, Mom.

He gives up and joins his siblings in the giggling. I give up and leave the table.

I just want to say that I taught them better. The rule is that such bodily functions belong in the bathroom whenever possible. I have no idea when Tabitha decided her special talent must be shared with her brothers, but no doubt, with the reinforcement she just received, I'm fighting a losing battle here.

1 comment:

  1. This is my family to a T.

    I'm laughing at my desk at work, uncontrollably.