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Friday, October 10, 2008

Giant = Giant

We ate at McAlister's Deli last night. Not having been there before, I was happy to see several vegetarian options on the menu. Normally I would opt for the veggie sandwich, but I've been unable to maintain warmth in my body lately (stupid being sick!), so I wanted something warm. 

I ordered the Spud Ole (baked potato with vegetarian chili, cheese, jalapeno peppers). Unfortunately, I didn't see the part about the potatoes being "Giant". The split potato, seriously, was the size of a large dinner plate. I usually eat one about 1/5 that size. I think there was a pound of cheese on it, which I scraped off and Tabitha dumped into her mashed potatoes (I'm not a huge fan of abundant cheddar and Swiss). And it came with butter. I don't know why. 

I spent most of dinner just looking at the potato. DJ had ordered the same thing. He ate nearly all of his. Darrin assured me that everyone would help with mine--but they had enough food with their own orders. I suggested next time we come, we all just share one potato. It's that big.


  1. Are you vegetarian? I've considered becoming semi-vegetarian and cut my meat consumption down to no more than once a week. Speaking of potatoes, I've got some I need to use... I'll probably use some of them this weekend...

  2. I am--mostly. I don't make an issue of not eating meat if I'm invited to someone's home (but I usually just eat the side dishes). I eat fish or seafood occasionally. We eat meat in our home once or twice a month (usually in something like chicken soup).

    It's not a moral issue, nor a religious one, I just don't like the feel or smell of raw meat, nor do I like the texture of meat in my mouth. One of my therapists pointed out that this is common for people who have been abused in the ways I have been.

    However, Darrin has a horribly high cholesterol and a scary history of heart problems in his family (his father had his first heart attack at age 40), so it's good for him to eat more veggies and less red meat, and my kids prefer our "mostly meatless" meals. So it all works out for us as a family.