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Saturday, October 2, 2010

My children are having a slumber party in my living room

Because they washed their sheets and they don't want to make their beds. So Adam is on one couch and Tabitha is on the other.

Tabitha: Are you so excited for our sleep-over?

Adam: Yes! We can stay up all night talking.

Tabitha: And I'll do your hair and you can do my nails.

Adam: I think I should do both your hair and nails.

Tabitha: And I'll do your make-up.

Adam: I don't need make-up. I'm just naturally beautiful...

(Tabitha and Adam lie on their couches and giggle)

Darrin: Be quiet or I'm going to send  you to your rooms!

Adam: You don't have any  room to talk. You're going to snore us awake tonight.

Darrin: I mean it!

Tabitha: He's grouchy.

Adam: That's because mom won't let him do her hair when they have sleep-overs.

Tabitha: They have sleep-overs every night.

Adam: Yeah...I think they're bored.

Tabitha: Maybe Dad would quit snoring so loudly if they had fun sleep-overs like us.

Darrin: Stop talking!

Me: I think I'll go make Adam's bed and sleep there. It's too noisy down here.

Darrin: I'll join you.

Me: No. You snore too loudly.

Tabitha: Could you two please be quiet? You're interrupting our "Telling of Intimate Secrets" time.

Adam: We get to do that?

Tabitha: No. I just want them to stop talking so we can sleep.

Adam: Me, too.

Me: Good night!

Adam: Did you remember to brush your teeth?

Tabitha: And put your clothes in the laundry?

Adam: And say your prayers?

Darrin: GOOD NIGHT!!

Me: It's your fault, you know. They were just fine till you came home.

Darrin: Good night.

Me: Good night.