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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Preamble to a New Day

So--yesterday was a complete and utter failure in pretty much every way. This doesn't happen to me often.

1. I made a mistake in one of my jobs that had me sifting through previous work for nearly two hours trying to fix it.

2. A client texted me and I didn't have her number in my database. She's not from the US, so her text sounded very much like a spam text. Fortunately, I sort of recognized the number so instead of texting back: "STOP SPAMMING ME! YOUR NUMBER IS NOW BLOCKED!", I sent this message: "I don't know who you are." So she reminded me and I felt incredibly foolish because she's been my client for six year now. Not good for client relations.

3. I ate something that made me feel ill. I'm not sure what it was, but it kept me from being productive as I was emptying the contents of my stomach every half hour for much of the afternoon. Thank goodness I work at home.

4. I forgot that Adam was returning from All-State and I was supposed to pick him up, so when he texted that he'd be home in ten minutes, I was just out of the shower and blow-drying my hair. I did a record-breaking straightening job (13  minutes--dang! all ready late!), flew into my clothes, and ran to the car--only to find it covered in ice and snow. I scraped and brushed it and got in to drive, accidentally hitting the wiper lever in my hurry. The wipers flipped up and down, and I couldn't help but notice one of the blades was gone. I am not good with wipers...well...with anything car related, for that matter (I know what to do, I know how to fix, I just hate doing it, talking about it, thinking about it...). So I fixed the blade and headed out, fifteen minutes late. Fortunately, Adam was sleep deprived and numb and didn't really notice he'd had to stand in the cold for a long time. He just wanted to go home and sleep.

5. I forgot that I was supposed to go to New Beginnings to help welcome the girls turning twelve this year into our young women's program. I took Adam to his class (he's taking classes at the university at night--WHY??? He doesn't graduate until next year! There is something wrong with my children), flew back home (did I mention the roads are covered in black ice?) and into my dress clothes, and Tabitha and I went to our meeting.

6. Tabitha needed to go to the store. At this point bedtime was eminent, so I said we could go before we picked up Adam from class. She didn't realize I wasn't planning to go home and change out of our dress clothes first so when that became clear, she had a temper tantrum. Yay. Not willing to press the issue (translation: tired beyond all reason), I drove home changed clothes again (needed something to do while Tabitha changed) and Tabitha and I drove to pick up Adam.

7. For some reason, while Tabitha gathered her school supplies at the store, I decided we needed chocolate covered popcorn which I purchased and ate on the scary, icy drive home. This was a mistake (see number 3). I went home, tried to get the kids into bed (not successful), and worked (half-heartedly) in between sessions of bathroom time necessary to empty my stomach of delicious popcorn.

8. Talked with three friends online. Ended up feeling like I said everything in the world wrong and knew this was entirely my fault and I should not EVER talk with people when I'm having a day such as this (No Therapist, you are completely wrong about this--I really should not talk to people--stop telling me otherwise).

9. At midnight I concluded that there was no way I could ever make this day better (mostly because it was over and it's impossible to improve something that has disappeared), so I said a graceless good night to my last unfortunate chat buddy (seriously, if you talked to me yesterday, I'm so sorry!), brushed my teeth, talked to the Big Guy (who fortunately does not mind when I'm a conversational mess), kissed Darrin and crashed.

Today is not starting out well, however, we have lots of sunshine and I am going to go run right now. That's a step in the right direction.

P.S. To the telephone person who does not read my blog but keeps calling me even though he knows he's dialing a wrong number: I'm sorry. Probably it was out of line for me to suggest that the phone book would be a good place to spend some reading time, and I know you're not illiterate. Again. Sorry (but honestly--you called me FIVE TIMES which would even try the patience of a not-sick, sane, rational, normal person).

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  1. What a horrid day you had! But in it all, you didn't lose your sense of humour. I chuckled at your P.S.