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Saturday, January 22, 2011

"...why the sea is boiling hot -- And whether pigs have wings..."

I usually get up in the mornings between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. Then I put in some work hours, go running, and make sure the kids get to seminary/school. Between nine and ten o'clock I start feeling tired, but I hate naps so then I'll go practice or switch jobs, or clean. Yesterday I couldn't do it--I needed to sleep. So I set my alarm for an hour and crawled into bed at 9:30 a.m.

And I couldn't sleep. I waited and waited, but sleep did not come. I was aggravated, but I waited some more.

Then I went to visit Darrin's aunt who lives on the East Coast. Turns out she has a mall mansion. We shopped a bit and she pointed out a person at the ATM whose card number was being stolen by two lurkers who took pictures of the card and then filmed the pin number as it was being entered on the key pad. I asked why we didn't report the incident. Darrin's aunt solemnly told me that the theft was being committed by members of the mafia. I looked back and one of the scary card number stealing mafia people made eye contact with me.

Fortunately, at that point we reached the secret invisible wall entrance that led to The House part of the mall. Darrin's aunt showed me to my spacious room, then let me know that my roommate was Paula Abdul. 

Paula was taking a bath. She called that I should come in and chat with her so we could get to know each other, so I did, fully expecting the tub curtain to be closed, which it wasn't. So I sat and chatted with naked Paula while she finished bathing. 

After she was dressed, Paula decided we should do a little shopping in Darrin's aunt's mall house, so we left. While we were on our way to the secret invisible wall exit from The House part of the mall, Paula let me know that I really need to expand my circle of friends to include more ethnically diverse people. Then we went to the ghetto so I could find more ethnically diverse friends (Paula's idea). I suggested we could find ethnically diverse friends outside the ghetto, but Paula wanted to show me the house where she grew up which apparently is in the ghetto.

I never did get to see the house because then my alarm rang. I sat up in bed, still aggravated that I never got a nap...then realized what I had been dreaming. 

I hate naps.


  1. It was weird, to say the least, but I hate waking up and not feeling like I've slept--frustrating. :)