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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time a young Samantha met a young Darrin. Samantha thought he was very nice. Darrin fell in love with Samantha's young friend, Gina, who had the most gorgeous blue eyes in the world, and a very nice body to accompany them (you can take my word for this). However, unlike her beautiful exterior, Gina's interior was somewhat shallow, and after dating Darrin for a week or so, she decided he just wasn't good enough, and they did not live happily ever after.

For whatever reason, Darrin wanted to stay friends with Samantha, even when he wasn't dating the beautiful Gina. And since Samantha thought Darrin was nice, that was fine with her. After a few months, Darrin and Samantha began to spend lots of time together, and one day Samantha thought maybe Darrin was falling in love. Normally this would be a good thing, except that Samantha was the type of person who liked beautiful Gina's more than she liked nice Darrin's.

Weeks went by. Samantha made several dating suggestions for Darrin. He was an agreeable sort and took her suggested dating advice. Samantha had a roommate named Karen. She thought Karen and Darrin would make a lovely couple (and it had nothing to do with the fact that their names rhyme, since both of the names in this story are pseudonyms). So during the day, Darrin and Samantha were inseparable, and at night, Darrin and Karen went on dates.

As time went by, Samantha became very happy having Darrin with her. She missed him when he was gone and looked forward to seeing him every day. One night Karen wasn't available for a date, so Darrin and Samantha stayed home and spent the evening together. Samantha was sitting close to Darrin, and thinking about how much she liked spending time with him, and Darrin had his arm around her (Samantha has no idea what he was thinking), and it occurred to Samantha that if Darrin continued to spend time with Karen, he might marry her. Then she realized that Darrin had become her absolute very best friend in all the world. And she knew that if he married someone else, he would probably not be able to be her absolute very best friend in all the world. So she asked Darrin if he'd marry her. He said he wished she was serious, and to Samantha's surprise, she found that she was.

So Samantha and Darrin got married.

And today, millions of years later, it's Darrin's birthday. So as is my tradition, I am posting ten things I love about Darrin:
1. There has never been a time, in the millions of years we've been married, that Darrin has not supported me in any part of my life. He believes in me and always tries to help me succeed.
2. He is a wonderful father. He loves his kids with all his heart and always wants to do more for them.
3. Nothing seems to phase him. He's just easygoing and loves being along for the ride.
4. He has a wonderful sense of humor. Sometimes, its just fun to sit with him and laugh.
5. He's good at building/fixing things--even though sometimes I complain that he takes it to extremes (sometimes I think the best way to fix something is to throw it away).
6. He likes to shop for anything.
7. He pretends to love the music I play.
8. He thinks I'm beautiful--and he makes me feel that I'm beautiful, too.
9. He goes on walks with me even though he hates it, just so he can spend time with me.
10. He buys me flowers because he knows I love them.

Happy birthday, Darrin. Being married to you has brought me incredible joy. I love you.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your husband. Knowing him as little as I do, I can tell that he loves you and lives up to all you have said about him. I might steal your idea on my husband's birthday...

  2. I liked this post. :) I wish Miki would do a post like this. :)