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Monday, August 27, 2007

See you in September

This time last year I was skipping around the Queerosphere, leaving comments (sometimes snarky, sometimes sympathetic, always profound...okay, maybe not), and getting to know people. I left interesting impressions wherever I went. For example, I was a frequent visitor to Pinetree's blog (I still am), but he had decided that I must be a drag queen. Smurf seconded his opinion...until I contacted him on a personal matter under my real name and he googled me, did some really good math, and figured out who I was online. However, it still tickles me that they thought I was a drag queen. I made tons of new friends, many of whom I still talk to today, and even organized a sort of reunion at, of all places, THE EVERGREEN CONFERENCE.

We had a wonderful time (at least I did), ditched the Friday night barbecue to meet even more blogger people and have a semi-elite dinner together. Then they humored Smurf and I and played Hugger Mugger with us (and no one else liked the game, but there's no accounting for tastes), and we stayed up too late and it was FUN!

But then I had to get all self-absorbed and serious and I no longer talk much on anyone's blog, and dangit!! I'm funny!! What the heck is going on here???

So I hereby decree a new era of Samantha-isms. I'll be visiting you, and even if your post doesn't interest me I'll say something irrelevant just so I can see my words in print. If you don't like it, you'll have to delete me. And occasionally I might say something serious, but don't count on it. We all just need to lighten up! Okay, maybe it's just me that needs to lighten up...I can take my own advice, provided it's good.

That being said, I hereby invite any interested party with spare cash lying around to come to the Evergreen Conference this year. You can see how much it's benefited me--look Ma! I'm straight!!! And I promise to bring plenty of neon sticky notes, plan lobby floor conferences, take the stairs not the elevator, laugh my guts out, and maybe even learn something--but as long as the company is good, I don't really care about anything else.

So--if you want to meet at the conference, let me know. Last year we made a private commemorative blog, because some of us had never seen each other before--we probably don't need to do that this year. However--some of you offered to dress in drag and accompany me to the women's classes (but didn't follow through), and this year, I'd really like the company. Come on, you guys!! I went to your classes last year and I learned all about "sex-o-clock", and "raging erections". Surely if I can do that for you, you can reciprocate...imagine what the ladies talk about...tempting?

Okay, enough! I am finished with this post!


  1. Will you have non-Evergreen get-togethers as well? Because some of us would like to see you but have no interest in attending Evergreen. (Though I will confess that I've never been as tempted as I am now. And I think I would probably go to the women's classes with you because I just don't see myself leaving the men's classes in a shade other than crimson-infused purple.) But the point here is that I would like to see you again and hang out a bit.


    Okay, I really had a reason for posting a comment but I can't remember it's almost 2 AM and I just got back from wal-mart...I just purchased some Febreeze-To-Go! It made me think of you, and it made me also praise God because he allowed the amazingness of Febreeze to be invented.

  3. We'll see about Evergreen. It's not really in our budget, but we're looking at some options to let us attend, so we'll see how everything pans out. Regardless, we'd love to see you around that time. :D

  4. I'll certainly go with you to the women's classes (sorry I won't be dressing in drag though, I'm already a girl). And yes, AtP really did praise God when he discovered the Febreeze-To-Go. In fact, he did it loud enough that a Wal-mart employee gave us an awkward look.