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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Counseling assignment--September

I will just say the following:
1. I've decided to only eat Rice Crispy treats today. I've had three and am thinking about another, but my stomach is arguing with me.
2. Don't worry, the treats have mini-semi-sweet m&m's in them, so I'm getting one of the five basic food groups (the chocolate group, remember?).
3. I suppose I'll admit to drinking milk with the treats, as well.
4. I had a post nearly finished, complete with photographs, when blogger somehow erased the entire thing--hence the fixation with the treat report.
5. I suppose I'll try reposting another time, when I don't want to scream at blogger quite so much.

1 comment:

  1. Rice Crispy Treats . . .

    Cereal is a grain. Another food group, check.

    Marshmallow is a dairy product. Another food group, check.

    Are any of the M&Ms green? If so, they count as a vegetable.

    There you have it . . . Four whole food groups.