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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last Weekend

Last year the Evergreen Conference, for me, was relaxing and fun. I met some people I'd found through blogs, and they were just as much fun as I thought they would be. But the conference, itself, was secondary. I attended workshops and devotionals, but I was mostly trying to get to know some really amazing new friends.

This year things were a bit different. For one, I attended the conference as myself, and was "out" to everyone there. I participated as a panalist in the MOM workshop, and I spoke briefly at the closing devotional. I was a little stressed the entire time, and this was compounded by the fact that I got stuck in horrific traffic more than once, and ended up rear-ending someone. Fortunately, the damage was negligible and no one was hurt, but still--stressful. I successfully made a scene at the MOM workshop when I found out it was being recorded and no one had told me. Apparently that scene involved me backing into and knocking over a whiteboard, although I have no recollection of that. I was told I'd be speaking at the closing devotional after the musical number, so I whisked out to use the bathroom after the opening prayer, but apparently there was no musical number, so I was met in the hallway by a number of people who hauled me back to the chapel. Once again, a lovely spectacle.

However, I spent tons of time with Sully, AtP, and Stephalumpagus which was wonderful. I met a lovely ex-lesbian. I had a long-overdue visit with Kim. I got to have lunch with Edgy on the way there. Dinner at Zupas with a large group of friends was very fun (and I loved the fact that AtP's parents came). All in all, I really did have a great time, made even better by the fact that Darrin and DJ were both with me.

I have nothing more to say right now, but I expect I will later. I'm still in recovery from cramming a zillion things into one weekend.


  1. You are one amazing woman! I don't know how you do it all.

    For those of us who weren't there, would it be too much to ask what came out of the MOM workshop? What was the feeling? What was the outcome?


  2. Shame we didn't have a chance to see each other this time round.

    Maybe this Christmas?

  3. I was stuck in traffic for 2 hours on my way to the Zupas dinner and was so bitter that I missed seeing you and Darrin. I cried and cried--no joke. I'm very sad that I missed you and that I didn't get to meet DJ. I hope I get to see you soon and that you do a recap of your talk at the MOM meeting. You are fantastic!

  4. Sad we missed you, but it couldn't be helped. ):

  5. I had so much fun this weekend. You, Darrin, and DJ are amazing. I was sort of nervous about going to the conference, but I'm really glad I did. Thanks so much.