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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In my spam box tonight I found that:

1. I'm to be congratulated for being a mystery shopper.
2. I can be a sales person and make more than $6ooo monthly.
3. I can get ten new ring tones for my phone.
4. There's a girl that wants to show me pictures of her naked self.
5. I can be a product tester of the Apple iPhone.
6. I've won a 3day/2night stay in hell--I mean, Las Vegas (it's probably less hellish now that the temperature isn't always 100 degrees or more).
7. Yet another job which makes more than $9000 monthly.
8. I can trade in my new car (and why would I do that? I just bought it in March!).
9. I can buy a brand new car online for just pennies.
10. Someone wants to deposit $1500 directly into my savings account--I just have to give them the account and routing number and it will be there before midnight tomorrow.
11. Yet another naked lady trying to show me her pictures.
12. I can buy part of a corporation/LLC in Nevada.
13. There are thousands of things I can buy for just pennies at a government auction.
14. I can earn a degree through the University of Phoenix.
15. Michelle Andrews wants me to earn money working at her laptop at her kitchen table--and assures me I will never see this offer again.
16. I can regrow my hair, starting now!!


  1. is this some odd way of saying that you have a really good spam filter?

  2. now that you actually wrote something my comment isn't as's just kind of sad.

  3. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  4. As we say in my family, Huppy Boofday.

    (Okay, it's only me that says it, but I've been saying it since I was twelve.)

  5. I'm sending you electronic cake. Mmmmm...electronic cake...

  6. happy birthday indeed. I'm surprised you didn't get spam that applied more to Darrin, as least, Miki does, despite the obvious.