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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today's List

1. I enabled full site feeds for my posts so no one has to visit my blog to finish reading anymore. They'll come in entirety to any subscribed blog reader. Don't ask me why I waited to do this, nor why I chose to make the change now because I have no answer.

2. I keep going to bed early and not sleeping. Sigh...I have nothing to say about that except I hate it so tonight I'm up blogging instead. Then I'll try sleeping again.

3. Today was beautiful in every way, in spite of the fact that it was incredibly busy and I didn't want to work at all.

4. Yesterday my car broke. Today Darrin fixed it. I love that.

5. I've decided to eat Greek yogurt mixed with chopped walnuts every day for the rest of my life.

6. Today three people told me I smell must!  :-)

7. I need a tooth filled. I lost a filling about a year ago and today it reminded me that it's going to become a root canal if I don't do something about it. I thought about trying the thing where I'm supposed to feel the pain, then thought better of it. I'll bet it really does hurt. Now, if I can just get to the dentist without having a flashback or panic attack, my life will be complete.

8. I missed people today. This makes me feel grumpy and aggravated. It also makes me want to call those people on the phone and yell at them for being too lovable and too far away. I don't do that--yet. I'm thinking about starting the habit, though.

9. I think I would like to have dimples. Most everyone I know has them. I'm feeling deprived and wondering if there's a way to cultivate them. I'm guessing there's not.

10. I was told today that I need to read more trashy novels and fewer books and short stories written by dead people. So I picked one up at the library, just to see if that person was correct. She was not. While I most definitely enjoy reading some books written by alive people, I do not love trashy novels, especially trashy romance novels which can be read in 90 minutes and involve unprotected sex, unexpected pregnancy, lush bosoms and throbbing members. I also find it confusing when the protagonists switch teams and have sex with lots of people of both genders, often at the same time. Also, I have no idea what the plot was. This is not because I'm not a comprehensive reader, but rather, because the author was so absorbed in writing naked scenes, she forgot to add a story line. It's difficult to follow something that does not exist.

11. And now I'm going to bed and I am not going to dream about that trashy novel stuff because I'll end up retching in the bathroom instead of sleeping restfully.


  1. When I was in High School, I worked at a department store at the employee purse/bag check. Every employee in the store passed by me so I got to know them quite well. One very sweet woman suggested that I read some books by a certain author- that I would LOVE his writing. So I rushed out to Sam Weller's on Main and dove in. Well. I'll just tell you that those lusty naked scenes are scorched into my memory 20 years later.
    Who are these people who see this as quality literature?

  2. Yeah--I think I'll leave all that stuff alone from now on. It just confuses me.