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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Making Brownies

Adam: Do I have to mix it?
Me: If you plan to bake the brownies, they sort of have to be mixed, yes. Otherwise you have baked eggs with a side of oil, water and powdery brown stuff.
Adam (sighing): Okay...

Adam: Will you spray the pan?
Me: Of course, and you can finish dinner for me while I do that.
Adam: Fine, I'll spray the pan.

Adam: I hate taking the batter out of the bowl.
Me: Use a rubber scraper.
Adam: I hate using a rubber scraper.
Me: Adam--what's wrong.
Adam: I don't know. I'm just really, really cranky.
Me: Why did you ask if you could make brownies if you don't want to and you're cranky?
Adam: Because then I could be cranky with you.
Me: I'm not cranky.
Adam: No. I meant, I just wanted to be cranky with someone around.
Me: Why?
Adam: It's lonely being cranky by myself.
Me: Adam, you're weird.
Adam (sighing again): I know.


  1. That's really, really funny. I chortled.

  2. Cranky loves company? Or is that misery... :)

    You've got a great family, Samantha.

  3. Yeah, it's official. Your family is quirky in the most wonderful way.