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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Warning: Contains Nudity

So sometimes after I shower I don't get dressed right away. My kids are at school, Darrin is at work, and quite frankly, clothes are an inconvenience. And there's something very cool about knowing I can walk around my house naked if I choose to (yeah--now you're wondering if I wear clothes when I chat with you--and I'm not telling).

Today I decided to pluck my eyebrows in the upstairs bathroom because the light is better. So, sans clothing, I went upstairs and was blithely enduring the pain that is the price of well-shaped eyebrows when I heard an alarm clock go off. Rats, I thought, which one of my kids left their alarm on this morning?

While I was thus pondering, an awful reality occurred to me. DJ graduated last weekend. He doesn't have school anymore. It was his alarm because he was home! And his bedroom door is strategically located across from the bathroom where I stood in all my naked glory.

So I scampered downstairs, grateful that he snoozes at least three times before getting up, grabbed my clothes and dressed as quickly as possible.

My naked days are over.


I think it sucks that all good things must come to an end.


  1. My naked days are over.

    At least until he moves out.

    I agree with you fully. Clothes are just inconvenient.

  2. I love that you know the virtues of quality naked time. Three cheers for you. There will be other times. Fear not.

  3. I walk around naked often enough, myself. I love it!