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Friday, June 20, 2008


Today I came across this blog entry from a blogger who lauded himself for his kindness and open-mindedness.

I figured, since he was talking about something which has direct reference to my life, I'd comment.

So I did. In essence, I thanked him for opposing bigotry and hatred toward homosexuals, and also for sending his words to the Daily Universe. I mentioned that it was nice to hear from one who advocated love and open-mindedness. I posted my comment beneath all the loving, supportive comments from members of his family and friends--all so very glad that he was willing to accept everyone and love them in such Christ-like ways. Dad was very proud he'd raised such a son...

He deleted my comment. Granted, I signed it "An active LDS homosexual," but still--he said he was open-minded. Apparently not open-minded enough to follow through and find out more. Nope. He just deleted me. Perhaps he's open-minded as long as he doesn't have to encounter any of "us". Sounds to me like a church-wide malady.

But I'm thinking it might be nice if a few more of "us" visited him. Just to say nice things. Just to encourage love and open-mindedness. Don't give him reason to justify deleting comments--make sure they're positive. Love him to death...


  1. might be nice if a few more of "us" visited him

    I added a nice comment


  2. Thanks Abe (and Silus, and Sir Ken). I noticed he not only left yours, but he responded. As usual, only gay men exist and lesbians are imaginary.


    And I left him such a good comment, too.


  3. Haven't we already established that you're a figment of Tolkien Boy's imagination? I suppose the same could be true of all lesbians, but I can't imagine why TB would spend so much time thinking about lesbians.

  4. Tolkien Boy doesn't spend time thinking about lesbians at all. We just occur randomly throughout his dinosaurs...or omelettes...or carpet...

  5. That's so weird that he deleted yours.

  6. Yeah, strange. He didn't delete the comment from the guy who wrote the article he was talking about, either. . . maybe it was an accident?

  7. I love your playfully manipulative ways. ...I just hope there's never a battle cry against me. Your minions are so faithful.