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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why I love Sully

Because he might be the first person in the world to become a vegan environmentalist author olympic-swimmer musician engineer organic-farmer massage-therapist. Sometimes he reminds me a little bit of me. And it's possible, if he completes the last one, that I might take him up on the massage he says he has reserved for me. Maybe.

Besides, I like the way he smells and he'll stand on my front porch with me and watch my roses bloom.

And he makes me laugh.

And he's not scary and I'm not stressed around him.

So maybe it wasn't such a horrible thing for all of my therapists to insist that I learn how to make friends and keep them around.

Sully says he's pretty sure I'm a permanent fixture in his life and the only one who can remove me is me. I plan to remind him of that on a regular basis.

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