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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thank you, Google

When I wrote a recent email, these are the ads Google thought applicable:
1. Bed wetting.
2. Sexually compulsive?
3. The Jolie-Pitt twins.
4. Need a prosthetist?
5. Kids technology franchise.
6. Beyond "Stranger Danger."

Obviously, the email must have covered a variety of subjects. However, none of them were remotely close to the topics of the Google ads. I think Google is broken.


  1. Wow, I am suddenly really, really, really curious about what you could have written in that e-mail.

  2. I used to wet the bed.
    My Father is a twin.
    I have only just recently overcome my sexual compulsiveness.
    My father has one eye,and on his recent visit to utah,met a prosthetist who improved his appearance.
    I am still somewhat of a techno-virgin,and

    It's not strangers we need to be wary of.
    Over 80% of people who have been sexually awakened early,have the people close to them,to be held responsible.


  3. Yeah, I love how the spam box always has recipes for spam above it. At least that one's appropriate, though!