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Saturday, November 20, 2010

A list

I love reading children's books.

Sometimes I dance in my kitchen.

There are days when I go to work wearing my pajamas.

I sing when no one else is around.

I love pink grapefruit--the taste, the smell--all of it.

I go barefoot even when I'm freezing to death and I've been known to drive my kids to seminary wearing flipflops when there's a foot of snow outside.

I have a recording of Tolkien Boy singing in Italian (and he has no idea what he's singing). Sometimes I listen to it when I'm running.

I keep a box of the craft items made by my kids at various stages of their lives. I have no idea what to do with it.

I write terrible poetry. I think I've perfected the art.

I love really old movies.

I rarely think jokes are funny, but I laugh a lot.

Sometimes I don't do my hair after I shower. This means, three hours later I have unruly curls all over my head and I look like I'm wearing a frightened poodle on my head.

I don't like to wear make-up and I often go without it.

I love smelling nice.

I change my toothbrush every three to four weeks.

I floss every day.

Touching someone's feet, or letting my feet be touched by someone feels oddly intimate.

I like to climb trees.

Lying on the grass beneath a shade tree on a warm summer day seems, to me, to be the ultimate luxury--doubly luxurious if I'm with someone I love who is quietly enjoying the moment, as well.

I find more depth of communion when I'm spending a moment of silent time with someone, than if we talk nonstop for hours.

I hate spending money on restaurant food and wishing I'd made something better at home.

I don't like ice cream, but I love Haagen-Dazs dark chocolate covered chocolate ice cream bars.

I think neckties are weird.

Construction sites of any kind are creepy.

Sometimes I crave pancakes and mashed potatoes at the same time. I've never eaten them together, though.

I don't like cuddling but there are a few people with whom I would cuddle daily if given the opportunity.

Touching meat, raw or cooked, makes me shudder.

I love to play games--online or in person. And I don't care if I lose. I just like to play.

I don't have dimples. This concerns me. I believe all people should have at least one dimple in a clearly visible place (i.e. on the face).

Until three years ago, my ears had Spock points. Tabitha and Adam both inherited my Spock ears. They don't think they should have to wait as long as I did before the points become less pronounced.

My children all have larger mouth capacity than I do. I blame Darrin.

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