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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Paying the Piper

Adam is miffed at me. I let him know yesterday, after a sizable snow dump, that people who drive my car are responsible for preheating it and cleaning it off in the winter time. He suggested we wait until another day before enforcing the edict, so he wouldn't be late. I suggested that I had told him this more than once before the snow came and I thought today would be a fine day to try it out. Then I stayed inside and watched him struggle with the ice-bound windows for at least three minutes before lending a hand.

Tabitha walked by, saw me watching and said, "He hates you right now." I responded, "You'll get to hate me tomorrow."

I'm a good mom.


  1. LOL! You gave your daughter a good answer and I agree: It's only fair that the young, eager-to-drive one should do the miserable work of getting the car ready to drive. Where do you live that you've been snowed in already? I'm in Canada, north of North Dakota, and the most we've had are a few flakes in the air.

  2. I love how you give your kids room to breathe. You ARE a good Mom.