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Monday, November 8, 2010

Stop asking me to jump on your bandwagon.

I have little patience with people who "know."

Actually, I need to qualify that: I have little patience with people who expect me to agree with them because they "know."

Example: I don't have a problem with people bearing testimony appropriately--that is, in a meeting set aside for that purpose or in a situation where there is a receptive or interested listener. I probably don't mind if someone is preaching on a street corner or proselyting at my door (as long as they don't expect me to let them in). You're welcome to say what's on your mind...just don't expect me to endorse you.

When someone confides in me personal thoughts, feelings, or beliefs, I'm honored. When someone tells me those things, confident that I will somehow "join up" with them, I'm insulted. When I'm approached in that way, I don't care how erudite you are, I have no interest in how much study you've put into your premise, and I honestly don't feel threatened if I believe something different. Don't recruit me.

I'm touched by sincere beliefs stated for the purpose of sharing. I'm aggravated by those who assault me with their certainties.

Bottom line--from the day I was born I began studying and researching in different ways, all for the purpose of drawing my own conclusions. My beliefs may be hideously wrong--but they belong to me. beliefs might also be spot on, which means if they differ from that case we should both be greatly relieved that I'm never swayed by charisma, charm, or rhetoric.

I applaud those who use the brains they were blessed with to seek out truth. I admire those who recognize that truth is found in many venues and often one truth conflicts with another, and that truth is limited by the intelligence and experience of the person who encounters and interprets it. And I revere those who understand that each person must find his or her own truth, and never rely on the findings of another, and who allow differing opinions to be aired and discussed without repercussion, fully recognizing that one truth is often exchanged for another and such things shift throughout life's experiences.

Do you know what is true? Please--share it with me. But do not expect me to cling to your truth. I must find my own.


  1. Do you think there are any truths that are absolute?

    Like you, I don't like jumping on bandwagons and don't--much to the dismay of some well-meaning friends. The latest offer is that a daily dose of wine-vinegar will help clear my mind. Sure, it might. But it will also make the acid reflux worse and eat away the enamel from my teeth. No thanks!

  2. I am absolutely right about you being right for yourself at the very least and not necessarily anyone else but maybe so and want you to acknowledge that I am right about this.

    I may have to "share" this post.

  3. Once again,
    I appreciate your opinion,
    and I appreciate you.

  4. Cinderella--You're welcome. :-) So glad you stopped by.

    Debbie--Yes, without question, I do. And at the risk of giving unwanted advice, I think meditation and good breathing habits clear the mind, too, without the vinegar side-effects. :-)

    OM--You're right.

    Uncle Arthur--good to see you out and about.