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Monday, November 22, 2010


Adam went with my parents to Utah last weekend. Friday night, Darrin and I took Tabitha out to dinner, then Tabitha and I went to a video store and I let her choose whatever she wanted to watch. She chose Beezus and Ramona, because Adam wasn't around to make fun of her. We spent the evening relaxing and watching her movie.

Adam popped online during the evening. He has difficulty with change and this is the first time he's gone on a trip without a sibling or parent. I chatted with him for a little while, then told him to go talk with his aunt and spend time with his cousins (he stayed with my sister). He laughed and disappeared.

Saturday Tabitha got up early--unusual for her. She did her chores (again, unusual) and showered. Darrin took her shopping--they were gone three hours. When they got home, Tabitha sat next to me while I worked for a few minutes, then said, "Don't tell Adam, but I miss him." Adam had said something similar to me the night before. I promised.

DJ joined us for dinner that night and we played games. Tabitha won (really unusual).

Last night I made a new friend. It's possible I'm in love with him, and while I understand that's meaningless (given the fact that I fall in love frequently and with many people), it still makes me smile a little.


  1. I love falling in love. It used to scare me, but not so much any more. congratulations!

  2. I'm rarely seems to last. :-)