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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Adam is unusual (to say the least).

This year he decided he and DJ would be cooking the turkey for dinner. They've done this exactly zero times--and watched me do it equally often. However, they've been perusing television specials about cooking turkey, and Adam is confident about pretty much everything he does...and DJ is a very good sport.

So DJ bought a cooking bag and a foil roasting pan,and made Adam read the box directions. My parents, misguidedly, believe I've trained my boys to be fabulous cooks, so they surrendered the 25 pound turkey meant for our dinner. Adam planned to cook it yesterday (a little bit excited about all this). I talked him into waiting till this morning.

So DJ picked up Adam this morning at 9:00, and they've been working at DJ's apartment. Adam appeared briefly to rifle through my drawers for a baster and thermometer (which they do not need), then disappeared out the door yelling, "See you at Grandpa's! Love you!", so I think they must be having a wonderful time.

Darrin is worried the turkey will be inedible. I'm not concerned--I never eat it anyway.'s almost noon. Maybe I'll roust Tabitha out of bed and go for a run. Darrin says he has the sweet potatoes under control. This could be a very nice day.


  1. I am dying to find out the ending to this story! Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. The turkey turned out great, I understand, and the day was lovely. :-)