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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Bishop's wife loves summer


1. All the student wards meet together and Darrin is only responsible for one month's worth of meetings.
2. Darrin is only gone one night each week (for interviews and meetings) instead of six.
3. Darrin goes to Sacrament Meeting with me and I get to sit with him. Yay! This hasn't happened for over six years, and is especially good because when they turn on the air conditioning in the chapel it's about 40 degrees in there. Darrin is nice and warm, and agrees to let me sit very close to him. And he likes it. :)
4. Darrin will take walks with me sometimes.
5. Darrin has agreed to go on vacation with us--FOR A WEEK!! This would never happen during the school year. I love summer.

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