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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why I don't like to answer the phone while Darrin is a bishop

Woman: Is this the Bishop's house?
Me: This is were a bishop lives, yes.
Woman: Let me talk to him.
Me: I can't.
Woman: Why not?
Me: He's not here.
Woman: Where is he?
Me: Out.
Woman: Oh. Well. I need to talk to him.
Me: I assumed that when you commanded me to let you talk to him.
Woman: When will he be back?
Me: I don't know.
Woman: Who are you?
Me: Who are you?
Woman: I'm here with my son. I need to know where and when his ward meets. And I need to talk to the Bishop.
Me: Oh. Well, I can probably tell you when the ward meets, but I need to know your son's address so I can put him in contact with the correct bishop.
Woman: Well, actually, I'm the one who wants to talk to the Bishop, not my son.
Me: Okay. Tell me where you live, and I'll tell you what ward you're in and who your bishop is.
Woman: That's complicated.
Me: It is?
Woman: Yes.
Me: Why?
Woman: I live with my son.
Me: I assumed you did. Where do you live.
Woman: the dorms.
Me: Okay. I think you're in Bishop S's ward.
Woman: Is that a family ward?
Me: Yes.
Woman: No. I want to go to the student ward.
Me: I see. You know what, I'm going to give you Bishop S's number anyway. I think he can listen to your situation and advise you much better than I can.
Woman: Well, I guess that's okay.
Me: I think so, too.

First problem--moms are not allowed to live with their sons in the dorms--mostly because the dorms are divided by gender.
Second problem--Unless the mom had the son when she was 12, she's too old to attend a student ward.
Third problem--Why? Either she's a weirdo psychopath old woman who preys on younger men (or I suppose she might like younger women--anything is possible), or she's an overprotective mom who followed her son to college, is living illegally in his dorm room, and wants to watch his every move and thus, must attend church with him.

Whatever. It's way too weird for me. I'll let Bishop S. handle it.