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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Trivial Knowledge Enrichment

Sam: Darrin! Stop! There's an owl on that building, I swear it's true!

Darrin drives back around the building and sure enough, there's an owl. Sam jumps out of the car and tries to take pictures with her phone, wondering how all the other car people can possibly not see the owl.

Later, Samantha excitedly tells everyone at a family picnic about her owl.

Sam (yelling): There's an owl on the top of the Holiday Inn! I have pictures of it on my phone!
Brother of Sam: Yeah. There's an owl on the top of every Holiday Inn. They're fake.
Sam (yelling): Yay! There's a fake owl on the top of the Holiday Inn!! I have pictures of it on my phone!
Darrin: It's a scare-owl. It scares away...things.
Sam (yelling):Yay! There's a fake SCARE owl on the top of the Holiday Inn!! And I have pictures of it on my phone!

I did not know the Holiday Inn put scare-owls on their roofs. Did you? (and I'm supposed to be the trivia queen)


  1. i didn't know that. did you know that i love you? that's a bit of trivia for you too :)

  2. Isn't life full of lovely, simple pleasures? So what exactly are the owls supposed to scare away?

  3. i was unaware of the use of such owls by any hotel chains, but they are atop many buildings and homes in my general geographical area for the purpose of keeping pigeons and other birds away - or more specifically to keep large aggregates of bird dung from forming. From the (largely soiled) looks of some other buildings, sans fake owls, I'd say they quite often serve their purpose.

  4. Huh. So they keep birds from pooping on their buildings, I assume? Bawb and Brozy and I were eating outside yesterday and there were no birds ANYwhere. It was strange. Bawb said something about how it was stranger that they didn't have a fake owl to scare them off or anything, so that's why I'd think that's what that is for. That and, I've seen building with loads of bird poop on them and if I had my choice, I'd try to keep birds from coming too close to my buildings too. . .

  5. I want a fake owl. I'm going to put it in my cherry tree.

    Also, yes. It was really freaky that there were no birds.