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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm not really a witch...but...

I want a snake.

And some lizards.

And I once had a bat which I adored and even took to school. My teacher made me let it go. It was very cute and I miss it.

And I think spiders are pretty and make incredible webs.

Stop shuddering...and judging me...


  1. The snake sounds good. The lizards sound good. But the bat freaks me right out. (Rabies!)

  2. It's the spiders that get me. I've always been glad I live in a climate where such creatures don't grow very big--until at a camp this summer someone brought a large wolf spider (I think that's what they called it) into the dining room. Shudder! I'm trying to convince myself that since it's taken me 50 years to see such a thing in a place where I've done a lot of forest exploring, it will be another 50 before I see the next one. I'm not sure I've succeeded.

    My grandmother, on the other hand, was like you Sam. She kept trying to persuade my grandfather that having a pet tarantula would be a good idea. He refused. He also caught her trying to smuggle a snake home in her purse from the snake dens we visited and made her put it back. When she went to my mom's for my sister's wedding and saw a spider egg sac in a corner of the washroom, she successfully convinced my mom to leave it alone and allow all the spiders to hatch. Horrors!

  3. I forgot the lizards. Those I can tolerate. We've had a number of pet anoles, one large iguana and two smaller ones. We've also had pet turtles and frogs (which aren't lizards, I realize).

  4. Bats? Lizards? Snakes? Spiders? I'm sorry, but we're going to have to ask you to sit on a scale with a duck, just to be sure. (If that makes no sense to you, you are not a geek).

  5. I'm not fond of spiders but the webs are cool. I like snakes but couldn't have one as a pet as I would have to feed it mice and rats and I like mice and rats. We get geckos in the house sometimes in Texas so i understand the lizard thing. Besides whats wrong with being a witch if you're a nice one?

  6. I like all of the above. Let's go bat-watching one night. Rabies schmabies.

  7. Come visit Austin sometime my husband and I can take you on a bat cruise Bats are big here :)