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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting to know me

Yes, it's a therapy assignment--but a very old one I couldn't do before because I wasn't ready--and I've tweaked it a bit to make it easier:

Things I love:
1. chocolate
2. being barefoot
3. people who smell right
4. sunrises/sunsets
5. running
6. dancing
7. the blue of the sky at night, just before it turns black
8. flowers
9. long talks about nothing
10. long talks about important things
11. kisses on the cheek or forehead--giving and receiving them from people I love
12. practicing the piano
13. singing with a friend
14. reading words that reach my soul
15. playing games
16. feeling comfortable enough with someone that touch feels normal, not scary
17. playing with my kids
18. spending time with friends
19. laughing
20. waking up in the morning

Things I do:
1. cook
2. work
3. run
4. laugh
5. tell stories
6. take long walks
7. research
8. think
9. meditate
10. pray
11. look at things
12. clean
13. write
14. teach
15. wish for things
16. read
17. practice instruments
18. perform
19. take care of my family
20. plan imaginary adventures/vacations

Who I am:
1. a mother
2. a teacher
3. a financial advisor/tax preparer
4. a person who works online
5. a musician
6. comic relief
7. an arbitrator
8. a rape/abuse survivor
9. a dreamer
10. a woman
11. a curious person

This is a difficult assignment. Clearly, I'm still trying to decide who I am. I hope I figure this out someday. Feel free to add to my list--I'm out of ideas.


  1. you are a person who is loved by lots of people, daughter of God, and really awesome. oh and a classic scooby doo fan. and a part time super hero

  2. "People who smell right"


    Right on. :)