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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

Some convenience store/truck stops along I-80 have soda fountains. And some soda fountains have add-ins you can put in your drinks. And most of the time there is cherry. I like cherry.

When these add-ins were first discovered by me, one could push down the button and hold it and a pre-measured amount would flow into the cup and then it would stop. Not so today.

In honor of Tolkien Boy (and because I was driving home on an average of 4 hours of sleep over the past four days), I got diet Pepsi and added a shot of cherry to it (not in honor of TB who does not like cherry). Thinking the syrup would stop after a moment, I held the button down and stopped paying attention to what I was doing, then I removed my finger, capped the cup and grabbed a straw.

In the car, I took a sip and thought, Hmmmm, lots of cherry. Then I felt red seeping through my veins. I checked my tongue in the mirror. It was bright pinkish crimson. I showed Adam who immediately tried to turn his tongue red, as well. However, he had about four very strong mints in his mouth which, in combination with the nauseatingly sweet, syrupy drink, cause him to gag alarmingly.

We both decided the drink was disgusting. This conclusion was drawn while we continued to take sips, ensuring that our tongues remained vividly red. After five minutes of drawing that conclusion, I was feeling a sugar rush--not a familiar feeling for me. Ten minutes later I asked Adam to get rid of the contents of the cup so I would quit drinking the foul brew. He chugged the remainder to save me--such a noble boy.

All I have to say is, Thank goodness we were within forty-five minutes of home. We are both rather ill. And our tongues are still red. You should come see.