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Sunday, February 17, 2008


I had a dream last night in which I was met by AtP, Sully, Tolkien Boy, and Jason. Each of them told me they had enjoyed our friendship over the past year. Then they said they had only entered my life to help me learn about love and friendship, and that now they were leaving. They asked me not to contact them and assured me I'd be fine. I don't remember feeling anything except disbelief. I made some comment about wondering if maybe there had been some benefit for them in having me as a friend? They laughed and said no.

Then Mr. Fob flew in in his Superman garb and The Great -L- rode in on a giant stethoscope and went the three of us went to lunch (I know--a giant stethoscope? I suppose it could have been worse...a giant speculum...ick).

All I have to say is--at least it wasn't my normal nightmare. And Mr. Fob and -L- and I laughed a lot before Mr. Fob had to leave to save the world and The Great -L- used his amazing disappearing power and left me with the bill.


  1. Wow. I dreamed I was on my mission again. I think mine was worse.

  2. That is worse.

    I dreamt that I was back in High School (ugh), and in another, unrelated dream, that this guy I really liked (in the dream - he's not real) was leaving me. This happened about 5 or 6 times in row. We'd be together, cuddling or talking, and he'd tell me he was breaking up with me. Crappy dreams all around.