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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I love Google Talk. I like being connected with people. Sometimes I can't chat, but I'm online (usually working) and it's fun seeing the dots light up, even if they're red. It tells me someone I love is awake and living, and that makes me smile. Sometimes, even when my red dot is on, someone I care about will say hello, acknowledge that I'm busy and let me know it's okay not to respond--they just wanted to let me know they were thinking of me. That makes my day feel wonderful.

This morning I noticed Google Talk had an "invisible" option. So I've been trying it. I've been online and invisible all morning. Then I started thinking, I'm sure this is a nice option for someone who's looking for a particular person to come online, but doesn't necessarily want to talk to others. So when the Awaited Chat Buddy (ACB) comes online they can talk uninterrupted. Then I started thinking, what if the ACB does the same thing? Then they're both sitting online, waiting for each other...forever...and they're like two ships that pass in the night (are you weeping yet?)...

But maybe most people are more organized than I am, and they actually email each other and say: "Hey ACB! Let's talk today. I'll be the invisible one this time. You got to do it last time, remember?"

I'm not sure I like this new option. I have a feeling I'll be spending too much time thinking, "I'd sure like to talk to .... I wonder if he's/she's would be a really good time to develop the see-who's-invisible-superpower."

So--I suppose if you're on my chat list, and you start getting multiple emails that say:

Are you there???

Are you invisible???

I can't see you!!! Talk to me, PLLEEEEAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!

You'll know then that I'm not coping well with this new feature. I'm hoping Google develops one soon that says "Invisible to everyone except Samantha because she can't cope with wondering whether or not you're online". Probably they won't, though. The name of that feature is far too long.



  1. I kind of hope they enable selective invisibility. It was one of the most useful features I miss from Yahoo Messenger since I cheated on it with Google Talk and then eventually all but abandoned it for my new relationship.

  2. Hahahahaha. That's fantastic. I think I'm not a fan of your being invisible. Because then how am I supposed to find you?