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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Play it again Sam

Soprano: Sam, please play an A.

Obediently, Sam replays the key she depressed five seconds ago.

Soprano: No. An A.
Me: That was an A.
Soprano: That can't be an A. It doesn't sound like one. I have perfect pitch. You're playing something else.
Me: It's been an A for the entire time I've played professionally. Perhaps someone changed the notes around when you learned your perfect pitch.
Soprano: You don't learn perfect pitch. You're born with it. Please play an A. We don't have time for silliness.

Obediently, Sam replays the key she depressed five seconds ago.

Soprano: Fine! I'll do it myself. I don't know why they're even paying you!

She reaches over Sam and plays an A.

Alto: That's the same pitch Sam just played about a thousand times.
Soprano: It is not. That was an A.
Alto: It was the same pitch!
Soprano: She was not playing an A.
Alto: She was too!

Sam notices the time is now 3:00 p.m.

Me: I'll see you tomorrow. I have students coming in a few minutes.
Alto: It was the same pitch. Why can't you admit you were wrong?!
Soprano: Because I wasn't!
Me: Bye!

Sam walks out as the Bass and Tenor enter into the argument. It looks as though the Soprano is far outnumbered.

Ah, well, an A by any other letter...


  1. Oh my goodness! Who does that chick think she is?

  2. Abelard: Reads dialog in Sam's blog out loud

    Heloise: Uh uh, that didn't really happen. Somebody made that up!

    Abelard: You can't envision that happening with some of the Soprano's we've known?

    Heloise: Not in our ward!

    Abelard: What about in the stake?

    Heloise: Um, well ... maybe

  3. I think we need to institute a labeling system for your posts.

    Because the vanilla chai soaking into my keyboard isn't really a pretty sight.