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Friday, February 29, 2008

Four Years Ago

I didn't blog.

I was afraid of anyone male over the age of 14.

I was a chronic overachiever.

I was a workaholic.

I was an exercise fanatic--running and weigh-lifting.

I was a teacher in the public school system.

I was a guest lecturer for the university.

I did not have nightmares.

My only social contact outside of my family took place at work.

I read books incessantly.

I always got enough sleep.

I ate three healthy meals daily.

I never became emotionally involved in anything or with anyone.

I loved my husband and children with all the energy in my body.

I did not travel alone, I rarely shopped by myself, I wouldn't dream of spending a night without Darrin.

I was afraid. Always. I didn't know why.

I could not remember my life before the age of 16.

I never talked about myself.

I didn't bother anyone. Ever.

Some things change. Some things do not.

Happy February 29th.


  1. I want to know what's changed and what hasn't! :)

  2. Tito: That's something we'll have to discuss when your schedule slows down enough to allow us to chat. :)