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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yup...that was stupid...

Apparently, if you have a cavity for three years (or possibly longer), and you don't go to the dentist because you're a dentist wuss, the cavity can become something worse.

So, now I have "something worse." I'm not sure what the exact name is, but it involves an infection, incredible pain which extends upward into through my cheekbone into my eye socket, laterally across my upper and lower jaws, and downward through my neck, ending at my left clavicle. Interestingly, my shoulder joint began to hurt, as well last night.

So I called my dentist last night, who sort of asked why I waited so long. And I confessed that I was a dentist wuss because I hate flashbacks in the dentist chair--mostly because I'm afraid I'll throw up on the guy with his hand in my mouth. He thanked me for telling him, phoned in a prescription for an antibiotic and a pain medication and put me on his list for an emergency appointment in case of a cancellation (my current appointment is scheduled for the last week of March). But all the pharmacies were closed so I have to wait one more hour before getting my prescriptions. I have every kind of pain killer I could find in my medicine chest residing in my body. I hope I don't die from mixing medications or something (I am so glad The Great -L- is too busy to read this!).

In the meantime, I couldn't sleep, so I watch the sun rise this morning. It was gorgeous. Even extreme pain can't keep me from enjoying that!

However, I'm not sure if I'll ever eat again. My mouth is too sore, and I keep throwing up whatever I eat (not sure how the pain killers have managed to stay down). Hopefully, this will be better tonight. I have lots of work to do.


  1. I think "something else" means you'll need a root canal. :( I hope it goes as well as it can. Maybe they can put you out??

  2. jeepers, you get all the fun. here's hoping for a quick and minimally painful recovery.

  3. Hope you feel better soon-a.j.

  4. JB: Yikes! Even though you're probably right--I hope you're not.

    Mar and AJ: Thanks for the good wishes. I hope so, too.