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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Lists: Day Fourteen (Final)

I started posting love lists on February 1st. My intention was to write a list every day until Valentine's Day. Apparently, however, if you hit "Save" instead of "Publish" when you're done with a post, Blogger just saves the post and it doesn't appear on your blog. Imagine that! So now I'm publishing the final two lists and hoping that yesterday everyone received a great deal of love from people in their lives. I was lucky enough to have Danish Boy in my home, as well as my sons and Darrin. It was a very busy, but wonderful day.

Things I love about my Valentines:

Here's the thing: I've never considered Valentine's Day exclusive to romantic love. If you're someone who is close to me, you know that because I give you chocolate or cookies or both, and sappy or hilarious Valentine cards and I tell you I adore you and want to keep you forever. And I don't care if it embarrasses you or you want me to stop. I won't. the treats, laugh at the card, and be glad I'm in your life and I love Valentine's Day. There really is no other option if you like having me around. Everyone has their quirks--this is mine.

1. Darrin: Of course I have to talk about him. He's the person I see first every morning and kiss each night before I sleep. I push him off the bed when he snores and he forgives me when we make love. He believes I can do anything and if I told him tonight that I would like to sprout wings and learn to fly, Darrin would begin drawing schematics and doing research to help me accomplish that. He loves everything I cook, likes to go on dates with me, and laughs when I tell stupid jokes. I love him.

2. DJ: The day he was born, my life became filled with perpetual sunshine. DJ has always been sweet and caring and his smile makes me feel that nothing bad can ever happen. My son has never been embarrassed to kiss him mom in public, even when I happened to drop by the high school unexpectedly. In the middle of the hallway, in front of all his friends, I received a kiss on the cheek and a bear hug as only DJ can bestow. He has a beautiful heart, an incredibly creative mind, and is impeccably loyal and dependable. I love him.

3. Adam: This person is very much my child. He told me recently that I'm his favorite person to talk/argue/debate with. He wishes with all his heart that he could beat me at Chess, loves making up new recipes with me, and will accompany me anywhere just because he wants to spend time with me. Adam is inventive, very smart, and completely lacking in common sense. Someday he will end up famous or in jail or both. I love him.

4. Tabitha: My little girl has turned into a beautiful, strong, delightful young woman. She was born with determination and courage that rivals anyone I've met. She's still trying to figure out who she is and how to live with the hand life has dealt her. I enjoy every moment I spend with her. We share a similar sense of humor and often no one has any idea what is making us giggle. my daughter once told me she wanted to be just like me. I told her she needed to be just like Tabitha because that person is unique and incredibly wonderful. She looked at me for a moment, then laughed and said, "Yes. Just like you." I love her.

5. Ambrosia: I have to include her because for nearly seven years, she and her family have made room for me to stay with them when I have traveled to Utah for therapy. She allows me to cook in her kitchen, takes time to talk with me, and shares her life with me, just a little. Also, she reads my blog and has for many years.  That's dedication. I fell in love with Ambrosia when her blog was public. I told Darrin: "You have to read this person's blog. It makes me laugh and I want to meet her." And so one day I did meet Ambrosia. The real person was better than imagined. I love her.

6. Boo and her family: What can I say? I have a thing for redheads. When Tabitha went to the care center, I was an overnight visitor with Boo nearly every month and there were a couple of months when I was there more than once. She lives very close to where Tabitha now resides and was willing to allow us access to her home to come and go, as necessary. We've always enjoyed spending time with Boo and her husband (who used to call me and talk for hours--I miss that!), but now that they have an adorable toddler who remembers my name, well, that's a little bit irresistable. Also, Boo allowed me to help straighten her hair last Halloween. Nothing seals love like two girls bonding over an event involving hair. You can take my word for this. I love her.

7. AtP: We met about eight years ago online and fell in love. Well, at least I did. AtP and I have spent a great deal of time together over the last few years. I've watched him grow into adulthood and been very honored to call him my friend. I love his sense of humor, his ability to allow himself to grow and learn and accept differences. I'm very glad that when our lives diverged he still wished to remain a part of my life, and allowed me to be a part of his. I've not been able to spend a great deal of time with AtP over the past year and I miss that one-on-one time. I love him.

8. My dad: He wasn't a perfect parent, but I've always been glad he's my father. I learned more from him about loving and living honestly than from any other person. He was always delighted when I accomplished something, and terribly disappointed that I'm so incredibly bad at sports. Still, he spent every summer with my siblings and me (all eight of us), teaching us to play softball, and work-up, and never once told us we were terrible at the games. He loved playing Kick the Can, and Piggy Wants a Signal. We went camping every Memorial Day (insanity--there was always rain or snow), spent hours working on the farm, and many evenings singing as he played his guitar. He's still someone I turn to again and again for comfort and advice. I love him.

9. Tolkien Boy: Anyone who has read my blog knows I adore this man. He told me last night he wasn't adorable, but he's wrong. He stole my heart long ago and has spent time with me nearly every day since September 7, 2006. He allows me to be disagreeable and insecure and appallingly self-centered and still says he loves me. I never tire of our conversations, love to read everything he writes, and would choose a day with Tolkien Boy over a week-long vacation in the Bahamas. He encourages me when I feel too tired to keep trying, believes I will succeed when I have failed repeatedly, and when I do or say stupid things (on an average of once every three seconds), he forgives me relentlessly. I love him.

10. If you're a part of my life and I didn't mention you by name, it's not because you're less important than those listed--just less frequently with me. In truth, this list was made on the basis of how much time I've spent with individuals recently. Therefore, I challenge you to make the list next year. Come see me, call me on the phone, have an online chat with me, or send me an email. Remember that I'm incredibly blessed to have you in my life, I love spending time with you, and I think you're beautiful inside and out. I love you.


  1. Aw, thank you! I am still delighted and amazed that you are my friend. (Don't you realize you could be hanging out with much cooler people? If you don't, I won't point it out, because I'm selfish and I want you to keep hanging out with me.)

    I appreciate your patience in listening, your helpful but never pushy advice, and especially your sense of humor. And I wish you were here or I were there so I could give you a hug and then we could cook something strange and wonderful together.

  2. Someday, when I get my life back, we will visit. Count on it.